Our Services


Water Reed Thatching

Thatching new builds and re-thatching in water reed is available

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Magma FireStop

Magma FireStop is available, a non toxic chemical sprayed onto the roof preventing fires. Magma FireStop can reduce your thatch insurance by up to 20%!



We offer free surveys to provide to your insurers, we're the obvious choice of professional opinion as the most experienced thatchers in the country!


Wheat Straw Thatching

We thatch with wheat straw. Our wheat straw contains no artificial nitrogen in the growing process. Artificial nitrogen reduces the longevity of thatch.



Ridging services are available. We will replace your ridge in a like for like manner. The ridge type of your property can be changed with appropriate listed building consent.



Not ready for re-thatching? No problem, we can patch your roof in areas to keep your roof alive for as long as possible!

What Our Clients Say


Mrs P, Sturminster Newton


The quotation was very competitive, the work was far beyond my expectation.

The thickness of reed was way beyond most on the eaves. This was to prevent the drip off, thus not making the walls too 

wet when it rains. 


The former farmhouse is looking quite beautiful, lovely blonde reed

super eyebrows and a thatched gable on the galleon window.  I couldn't be happier with the completed thatch. 


I can only say a big thank you for making Barton Farmhouse look amazing once again.